DPR LIVE – Yellow Cab

Hangul Coming to you live iitecool sweet sweet Jesus piece of cake sweet sweet sweet sweet Jesus OMG oh my goshin’ Hopped on a yellow cab Straight away 아저씨가 자꾸 말을 해 (Ugh) 아들 자랑 딸 자랑 계속해 Oh my head Oh my head 내릴 때가 됐어 버카를 대 (Beep beep) Hop off the cab

DPR LIVE – Playlist

Hangul let me hit you with the play oh oh you know me girl I’m in your playlist come at me girl shall we get dangerous let me know girl 원하면은 maybe you could be my playlist “Do you like vodka? I mean..” 딴 것도 돼 that I can order 안 마셔 그럼 ice with