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Newton – Laws of Motion – EP

Newton – Laws of Motion – EP Released: 2020-12-04 Genre: Electro TRACK LIST: 01. Inertia (feat. Miel) 02. Let Me Love Ya! (Acceleration) (feat. LEES2UN) 03. Action-Reaction (feat. Ara) 04. Inertia Instrumental 05. Let Me Love Ya! (Acceleration) Instrumental 06. Action-Reaction Instrumental MP3-320K . FLAC 16B-44.1kHz

Newton, Long:D – Taste Me Remixes

뉴튼 (Newton), 롱디 (Long:D) – Taste Me Remixes Release Date: 2015.06.02 Genre: Electronic TRACK LIST: 01. Taste Me (Feat. 케이준, 신동훈) (Hologram Party Remix) 02. Taste Me (Feat. 케이준, 신동훈) (Jonathan Carey Remix) 03. Taste Me (Feat. 케이준, 신동훈) (CRYSTAL BOY Remix) 04. Taste Me (Feat. 케이준, 신동훈) (SkyRok Remix) 05. Taste Me (Feat. 케이준,

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